Otters Pond Bed and Breakfast Inn, Orcas Island, Washington in the San Juan Islands

Birding on Orcas Island and particularly Otters Pond is a memorable experience for any birder. At the bottom see links to other useful birding sites. We have a well-positioned photo area for great image taking !!

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On the following list are birds that can be sighted in and around the various habitats of Orcas Island during various seasons of the year. This is a site-specific list and does not include all the birds sighted on Orcas Island. A comprehensive list of the birds in the San Juan Islands,can be found as a checklist in the book, Birding in the San Juan Islands, by Mark Lewis & Fred A. Sharpe.


Seasons: All=All seasons, W=Winter, Sp=Spring, S=Summer, F=Fall

Occurance: A= abundant; seen almost always

C= common; often seen

U= uncommon; seen occasionally

* indicates nesting and breeding on Island.

OP= Identified at Otters Pond

Bird List

Pied-billed Grebe * All / C / OP

Double-crested Cormorant * All / C/OP

Great Blue Heron*? All / C/OP

Trumpeter Swan F,W,Sp / C/OP

Canada Goose* All / C/OP

Mallard* All / A/OP

Northern Pintail F,W,Sp / C/

Blue-winged Teal S / U

Cinnamon Teal*? Sp, S / U

Gadwall* All / C

American Widgeon Sp,W,F / A/OP

Canvasback Duck Sp,W / U/OP

Ringed-neck Duck* All / A/OP

Lesser Scaup Sp,W / U

Common Goldeneye F,W,Sp / C/OP

Hooded Merganser* All / C/OP

Common Merganser F,W,Sp / C/OP

Red-breasted Merganser F,W,SP / C/OP

Osprey* Sp,S,F / U/OP

Bald Eagle* All / C/OP

Sharp-shinned Hawk* All / C/OP

Cooper's Hawk* All / C/OP

Night Hawk * S/OP

Red-tailed Hawk* All / A/OP

Golden Eagle* All / U/OP

American Kestrel All / U

Merlin All / U

Peregrine Falcon* All / U/OP

Rough-legged Hawk F,W / U

Ring-necked Pheasant All / U

American Coot* All / C/OP

California Quail* All / A

Black-bellied Plover F,W,Sp / U

Semi-palmated Plover Sp,F / U

Bufflehead F,W,SP / A/OP

Killdeer* All / C

Greater Yellowlegs F,W,Sp / C

Black Turnstone F,W,Sp / C

Sanderling F,W,Sp / U

Western Sandpiper F,Sp / U

Least Sandpiper F,Sp / U

Dunlin F,W,Sp / C

Short-billed Dowitcher Sp,F / U

Long-billed Dowitcher Sp,F / U

Common Snipe Sp,S,F / U/OP

Bonapart's Gull Sp,W.F / C

Heerman's Gull F / C

Thayer's Gull W / C

Mew Gull Sp,S,F / A

Glaucous-winged Gull* All / A

Rock Dove* All / C

Band-tailed Pigeon* All / C/OP

Mourning Dove* Sp,S / U/OP

Western Screech Owl* All / U

Northern Saw-whet Owl* All / U

Great Horned Owl* All / C/OP

Rufous Hummingbird* Sp,S / A/OP

Belted Kingfisher* All / C/OP

Red-breasted Sapsucker W U

Downy Woodpecker* All / C/OP

Hairy Woodpecker* All / C/OP

Northern Flicker* All / A/OP

Pileated Woodpecker* All / C/OP

Olive-sided Flycatcher* S / C

Western Wood Peewee* S / U

Pacific Slope Flycatcher* Sp,S / U

Tree Swallow* Sp,S / A/OP

Violet-green Swallow* Sp,S / A/OP

Cliff Swallow Sp,S / C

Barn Swallow Sp,S,F / A

American Crow* All / A/OP

Common Raven All / C/OP

Chestnut-backed Chickadee* All / C/OP

Bushtit* All / C/OP

Red-breasted Nuthatch* All / C/OP

Brown Creeper* All / U

Bewick's Wren* All / C

House Wren S / C

Winter Wren All / C/OP

Golden-crowned Kinglet* All / C

Ruby-crowned Kinglet F,W,Sp / U

Swainson's Thrush* S / C

Hermit Thrush Sp,W,F / U

American Robin* All / A/OP

Varied Thrush Sp,W,F / C/OP

Cedar Waxwing* S,F / C/OP

European Starling* All / A/OP

Cassin's Vireo S / U

Northern Shrike F,W / U

Hutton's Vireo* All / U

Warbling Vireo* S / C

Orange-crowned Warbler* Sp,S / C

Yellow Warbler* S / U

Yellow-rumped Warbler* Sp,S,F / C

Black-throated Gray Warbler* S / U

Common Yellowthroat* S / C

Wilson's Warbler* S / U

Western Tanager* S / U

Black-headed Grosbeak* S / U/OP

Spotted Towhee* All / A/OP

Chipping Sparrow* Sp,S / C

Savannah Sparrow* Sp,S / C

Fox Sparrow F,S,Sp / U

Song Sparrow* All / A

Golden-crowned Sparrow F,W,Sp / C/OP

White-crowned Sparrow* F,S,Sp / C/OP

Dark-eyed Junco* All / A/OP

Brewer's Blackbird All / C

Red-winged Blackbird* All / C/OP

Brown-headed Blackbird* Sp,S / C/OP

Purple Finch* All / U/OP

House Finch* All / C/OP

Red Crossbill* All / U

Pine Siskin* All / C/OP

American Goldfinch* S,F / C/OP

Evening Grosbeak* All / U/OP

Wood Duck* C SP S/OP

Steller Blue Jay * SP/S/F//OP

Images From Otters Pond
otters pond bals eagle